PABX Phone Systems

A phone system is no longer simply a communication tool. Today’s phone systems offer many features that can simplify your business communications and assist you in increasing the productivity of your workforce.

But which system is right for you?

Sometimes the technology can seem overwhelming. That’s why seeking the right advice is important. Instead of purchasing the system which offers the most features, you need a system which offers you features relevant to the demands of your business, and that will improve the quality of service and communication you offer your clients and associates.

Schepisi offers the advice of experienced professionals who can understand the unique needs of your business, and recommend the right solutions:


Convergence offers many advantages, including simplifying your communications technology, reducing costs, as well as allowing you to seamlessly integrate your phone systems with other aspects of your business including your CRM, e-business applications, contact centres, mobile solutions and much more.  

Office Telephony and Contact Centres

Effectively using automation and queuing technology can help you reduce the pressure on staff, thereby increasing productivity. For staff making outbound calls, integrating your phone system with computer applications can reduce the time it takes to make a call, and allow your staff to increase their call frequency. Employing real time call monitoring or call recording can allow managers to effectively monitor calls, ensuring high quality communication with your customers.


Freeing your workforce up from their desks by allowing them to access their office phones and computers remotely can greatly improve the productivity of your workforce. Schepisi’s solutions allow mobile workers to:

  • Use mobile phones as PBX extensions
  • Be easily contactable through one number
  • Access the office intranet, email and diaries via PDA
  • Send and receive emails using Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Fix or alter appointments
  • Access information in company databases