Streamline communication and get more from your sales process

Customers have decreasing patience for waiting in queues, being put on hold and being passed from person to person. Nothing damages the reputation of your business faster than poor communication and customers who feel they cannot reach the key people they require. And nothing will drive customers more quickly to your competitors.

Set your communications bar high

The best way to streamline communication is to streamline your partner in technology and service. By partnering with Schepisi you can set a high standard in telecommunications and have the support, knowledge and technology to maintain your position.

The benefits flow through to your sales process and customer satisfaction. The happiest customer is one who is unaware of your sophisticated telecommunication technology. Executed well, the mechanics become transparent and all that your customers see is a company that meets their business needs and with whom they enjoy doing business.

Tap into Telstra’s wireless business applications

Telstra leads the way in wireless business applications. So whether you need to streamline communication in field management, point of service, job dispatch and sales processing you will benefit from Schepisi’s experience, knowledge and partnership with Telstra and other application providers.

Access the latest in technology and applications

Schepisi partners with many leading and cutting edge developers to offer you premium service in streamlining your communications. Contact us to find out the following services and products can improve the quality and efficiency of your telecommunications:

  • Telstra Business Partner Programs
  • Telstra Mobile Payments
  • Navman
  • Telstra TalkNow™
  • Whereis® Navigator
  • Xora™ TimeTrack
  • Micro E