Telstra teleconferencing gives you more hours in the day

Time is one commodity we would all like to buy more of. Time to plan, time to meet, time to discuss, evaluate and consolidate. Whilst time isn’t something you can go out and buy, Telstra Teleconferencing allows you to make more of your available time . So every hour in every business day is utilized to its full extent. And your business benefits from every minute.

Guaranteed speed and reliability

Whether you have regular meetings, crucial client conferences or need to get your team together at short notice, Telstra Teleconferencing gives you the High Definition quality, speed and reliability you can count on every time. Increase the value of your meetings and collaboration by ensuring that everyone has fast, easy and uninterrupted access to teleconferencing.

Taking your business to the world

It is not always necessary to be physically in the locations where your colleagues, customers or business partners reside. Telstra Teleconferencing brings the world to you, and your business out into the world. Save on local, interstate and overseas travel costs, taxi fares, hotel accommodation and meals by creating ease of communication between your own offices or between your business and worldwide customers and clients.

Tailor teleconferencing to your business requirements

Talk to Schepisi about how you can tailor Telstra Teleconferencing. The large range of service types, applications and features give you great flexibility and control over your communications. So whether you need to meet, train, talk, sell, negotiate, educate or inform – there are specific benefits that will give your business the edge.