VOIP and IP Phone Systems

Digital technology that increases you business capability...

VOIP (voice over internet protocol) allows you to simplify your office communications while simultaneously adding a range of additional features not available in conventional office phone systems, including:

Contact Centres

For businesses that receive a high volume of calls, automation and queuing can be added to direct inbound calls to the person or department that they are seeking, thereby saving time. VOIP also allows IVR and voice recognition systems, and provide clear, reliable sound quality which is ideal for contact centres. 


Conferencing via telephone has become more common as business has become more globalised. But holding a meeting has benefits not only when dealing with international or interstate clients, but can save precious time when dealing with busy local clients. With VOIP, conferencing is not limited to the telephone however, and you can incorporate video or web elements in any combination to ensure your conference runs smoothly.

Calendar Integration

Integrating a calendar function into your phone system allows you to see who is available via phone, email, and chat, making it simple to arrange meetings and saving time by reducing the number of unnecessary calls made to associates who are out of the office.

Mobile Solutions

If you have a mobile workforce or remote employees, VOIP is ideal. Phone calls that use VOIP technology exist on a network, and therefore are not limited to one physical location or device. VOIP allows communication between any devices that use internet protocol. Therefore a voicemail message can be sent to an email address and saved onto a the laptop of a remote employee, or a fax could be saved as a document and archived. Using a wireless broadband connection, mobile employees can access everything they need while on the road.

The right VOIP system, with features adapted to your business’s needs can work to simplify your day-to-day communications, allowing increased productivity.

At Schepisi Communications, we only offer our clients the best technology from the most reliable suppliers. Our extensive experience allows us to tailor the technology to suit the unique needs of your business.