Your own dedicated telecommunications consultant

When you partner with Schepisi you become part of a team. Because we believe that the best customer service comes from knowing our customers, we appoint a Business Development Manager and a Customer Service staff member specifically to your account.

That way we get to know your business. And rather than a range of people servicing your account, you have constant access to a dedicated telecommunications consultant who understands your needs and works in partnership with you to achieve your goals.

You also get friendly service from people who love what they do, know a whole lot about telecommunications technology and are passionate about passing that knowledge onto business customers.

Large volume resources at your disposal

Because Schepisi partners with Telstra we pass on the enormous benefits of this relationship to you. This includes the latest technology, nation wide infrastructure and access to every telecommunications development that Telstra delivers.

Customer service built on relationship

The most important thing that we do is help you find ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your telecommunications. That is why we look to establish and provide long term customer relationships.

You are able to talk to us about any aspect of your communications. We pride ourselves on assisting customers to find economical, creative solutions in all areas and at all levels.

Please call Schepisi today and start getting the benefits that your own telecommunications consultant will bring. We look forward to working with you.