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Conferencing using voice, audio and internet...

Meetings are an essential part of most businesses, and still remain the best way to clearly communicate ideas and get everyone on the same page. With the right technology, setting up a meeting with clients and associates on the other side of town or the other side of the world becomes simple and convenient for everyone involved. Conferencing technology can allow you to conduct an effective meeting with two people or 200.

Schepisi Communications offers technology that makes it straightforward for you to communicate via phone, video, internet or any combination of the three.

Audio conferencing

Phone conferences are great, but bad lines, interference and other problems can waste the time and energy of those involved. Digital phone technology offers high quality audio and fast connection speed so that you avoid glitches, dropouts and other annoyances, allowing you to clearly and professionally communicate with your associates.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing done through a third party provider is expensive and unnecessary now that video conferencing technology is affordable for any business. Show that your business has moved into the 21st century and impress clients and associates with high-quality video conferencing facilities. Meeting face to face is still the best way to do business, and now it’s possible even when your colleague is on the other side of the world.

Internet conferencing

Do you need to show your clients important image files, diagrams or other documents? Web conferencing allows you to present documents and visual material in real time during your meeting.

Managed events

If you need to set up larger events that are more technical or complicated in nature, Schepisi can assist you. Managed events are ideal for investor relations conferences, media and analysts briefings, product launches and corporate announcements.

Conferencing will allow you more flexibility in your meetings and is ideal for training, selling, informing, learning – its applications are limited only by your imagination. Employing conferencing technology will enable:

  • your team to meet conveniently and economically
  • arranging meetings at short notice
  • meeting more regularly with important clients and staff
  • savings in travel time and costs for both you and your clients