Telecommunications solutions that put your business first

The global market place has increased opportunities and competition and made communications an essential part of business success. Given the rate of technological development and subsequent customer expectation, the best thing for your business is to partner with an industry leader in telecommunications solutions. That way you stay at the front of the crowd without sacrificing any internal productivity.

Consolidate your communications

As your needs become more diverse it makes increasing business sense to consolidate your telecommunications solutions. Working with one dedicated partner, streamline your fixed line, broadband, mobile phone, wireless and mobile broadband requirements.

And by partnering with Schepisi not only do you have access to Telstra’s world class networks and business-grade service, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your telecommunications expert applies global knowledge from a local base.

One partner means streamlined service, seamless support and convenient online bill-reporting and Single Bill options.

Become a telecommunications leader

It isn’t enough to keep up with technology. If you want to be a business leader you need to also lead when it comes to telecommunications solutions. The Telstra Next G™ Network is one of the world’s largest and fastest national mobile networks. It offers your business unparalleled coverage and superior reception.

If it’s time for your telecommunications solutions to get a technology upgrade, talk to Schepisi about:

  • Next G™
  • Next IP™ network enhancements
  • Business Broadband options
  • T-Suite software-as-a-service
  • Telstra Mobile Portal