Take the stress out of Business Relocation

Being offline, unavailable or even just having interrupted communication when you are relocating is a major cause of frustration and productivity loss. Your staff will be stretched enough during a business relocation. Expecting any one of them to efficiently manage the continuity and relocation of your phone and communications systems will likely not bring the kind of smooth transition you are seek

Avoid delays to your business when moving premises

The last thing you can afford is for customers to experience any kind of inconvenience during your business relocation. In terms of your business, this is probably the most crucial thing you need to ensure. Firstly, you don’t want to cause frustration or discontent to your customers. Secondly, you cannot risk the tangible fall out of loss in business due to down time in transitioning your communications.

Schepisi specialises in business relocation

With years of experience and the latest technology at our fingertips, we ensure that the communications aspect of your move is smooth and stress free.

We can arrange all telecommunications requirements and we will give you the best advice as to whether your current phone system suits your new layout and premises.

It may be the perfect time for a telecommunications upgrade

Why not start your new business premises with a phone system upgrade? Any glitches you have had with the old system will likely return and stand out more in new premises, with new structures and layout.

More to the point, each premises demands a logical and functional telecommunications structure. Don’t do your business the disservice of hanging onto an old system that has passed its used by date.

The wealth of experience and Telstra support that comes with Schepisi will make your business relocation trouble free – and ensure you stay connected to your customers.