Schepisi Tangoe
Communications Lifecycle Management

Benefits of TEM and rTEM

rTEM Benefits

Cost Prevention - Real-time monitoring captures in-month events, such as roaming or plan overages, and allows IT to prevent these costs from occurring by arming the end user with valuable usage information.

Proactive Mobile Management - Why wait to receive your carrier bill and then find out about the usage and costs for your mobile fleet. With Tangoe rTEM, the telecom manager has 100% visibility into, and control over, the mobile budget, every day.

Security Benefits - rTEM detects and alerts IT of anomalous events such as off-hour usage, device inactivity, large data transfers, unsanctioned network/device usage, roaming, and possible data leakage events.

Workforce Optimizations - rTEM tracks and manages the employees' use of corporate assets along with their GPS location to determine the extent of their use and whether that usage is for personal or work purposes.

Proven ROI - rTEM typically pays for itself within the first month, simply by preventing carrier overages.

TEM Benefits

Manage Invoices - Administer and support all aspects of billing from receipt to payment.

Centralize Inventory - Strategic, centralized tracking of all products, rates, and activities.

Streamline Provisioning - End-to-end visibility and management of telecom services and device orders.

Optimize Rates- Examine rate plans and make changes that optimize costs based on usage.

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