Schepisi Tangoe
Communications Lifecycle Management


Managing Communications
From Procurement - To Payment


  • Dramatically reduce costs
  • Administer and support all aspects of billing
  • Centralize tracking of all products, rates, and activities
  • Manage services and devices end-to-end

TEM and rTEM: The Complete Package

Tangoe helps organizations reduce costs and gain unprecedented control of their global telecom expenses by delivering award winning software and technology enabled services.

Managing the Lifecycle of Communications

Around the globe, organizations struggle to understand their communications environment – what they own, where it resides, and who pays for it. For some companies, validating rates, paying vendors on time, and creating accurate management reports – all while navigating global regulations – seems like an impossible undertaking.

Tangoe, the undisputed leader in Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) solutions, helps organizations reduce costs and gain unprecedented control of their global telecom expenses. By delivering award-winning software and technology-enabled services, Tangoe helps global organizations of all sizes manage, understand, and control their fixed and mobile communications assets and costs.

From taming the runaway costs of mobile technologies, to working with carriers to ensure market floor rates, Tangoe’s expertise will transform global communications infrastructure with the ability to:

  • Establish and maintain an accurate service inventory
  • Acquire and validate global invoices
  • Manage contracts and rate plans
  • Audit invoices
  • Manage billing disputes
  • Optimize and pool rates
  • Allocate costs
  • Approve invoices
  • Pay invoices on time
  • Manage mobile costs in real time (rTEM)
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