Schepisi Tangoe
Communications Lifecycle Management

Device Control for the way your company works

Tangoe, is the world's number 1 COMPLETE Communications Lifecycle Management Solutions

Schepisi Tangoe solutions helps to manage the complete lifecycle of communications assets and services, including:

  • Planning and sourcing
  • Procurement and provisioning
  • Inventory and usage management
  • Asset decommissioning and disposal
  • Mobile device management
  • Invoice processing
  • Expense allocation and accounting

TEM and rTEM: The Complete Package

Fully optimize and manage mobile assets with a total expense management solution. In addition to standard Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Tangoe offers Real-Time TEM capabilities, providing organizations with the ability to analyze the carrier network usage in real-time and use predictive methods to avoid costly, unexpected overages from occurring.

Telecom Expense Management

Organizations struggle to understand what they own, why they own it, and who it belongs to. Disputes fall through the cracks regularly, and for some, validating rates, paying vendors on time, and creating valuable management reports - all while navigating global regulations - can feel all but impossible.

Real-Time Telecom Expense Management

Tangoe rTEM is the definitive real-time mobile expense management solution for today’s leading mobile smart device platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, M2M, and many more.