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Reduce Your Mobile Expenses

Tangoe rTEM is an innovative and powerful Real-Time Telecom Expense Management (rTEM) solution, that allows small, medium and large businesses to dramatically reduce their mobile expenses. Our solution proactively monitors, reports, and analyzes data, voice, SMS, and roaming consumption on your fleet of mobile devices.

Tangoe rTEM offers bill shock prevention, roaming control, cost opitimization, geofencing, and GPS for your mobile fleet. rTEM is the only SaaS-based solution that monitors and manages your voice, data, SMS, and roaming usage in real-time. Multi-language support is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Audit & Assurance

Audit management services are essential to the identification and recovery of billing errors. A team approach, highly refined procedures, and unique precedents enable Tangoe to secure optimal results, offering the automation and continuous auditing of:

Cost Reduction and Optimization

  • Reduce costs and prevent overages with real-time usage alerts
  • Predictive analytics and real-time usage alerts help optimize carrier plans in pooled environments or for individual users
  • Multiple international roaming plan support to prevent bill shock when away from home

Bill Shock Prevention

  • Predictive analytics and real-time usage alerts prevent unexpected and costly plan overages before they occur
  • Locate lost/stolen devices through real-time GPS and geo-location alerts and diminish security breaches and costly, unsanctioned usage

RealReal-Time Roaming Control

  • Only Tangoe rTEM delivers real-time roaming alerts to end-users and IT administrator allowing both parties to prevent excessive roaming fees
  • IT has the power to proactively manage roaming devices and implement roaming packages for one or many users
  • Roaming history reports lets administrators audit carrier roaming bills to stay on top of expenses

Increase Security

  • Through real-time alerts, IT personnel are notified of potential security risks such as off-hour usage, device inactivity, large data transfers, and unsanctioned device/network usage
  • All alerts are completely customizable; IT determines which events they want to know about and when

GPS and Geofencing

  • Real-time GPS and geofencing alerts allow admins to proactively monitor and manage devices entering or leaving specific areas
  • Notifications plus location history reports help optimize mobile workforce productivity with minimal effort

Usage Policy Enforcement

  • Tangoe rTEM allows admin set-up of policies related to roaming, projected overages, off-hour usage, increase/decrease usage, first time connect, device inactivity, and much more
  • Usage policies are 100% flexible and encourage compliance and security across your mobile fleet
  • Interactive alerts are sent to the end user; user acknowledgement is catalogued in an audit history
  • Service cut-offs can be implemented by admins

Proven ROI

  • Typically pays for itself within the first month just from carrier overage charge prevention.

In-Depth Reporting

  • Automated reports are built into the solution

Import/export capabilities

  • Reports include: usage to plan, roaming history, usage comparison, usage trend analysis, anomaly and alarm, and more

Simple Setup

  • No integration required to backend systems
  • Complete SaaS cloud solution
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