Telstra Internet Direct

Help your business work flexibly and effectively with the right broadband and networking solution.

Internet Direct provides dedicated connectivity to, or through the public internet. The solution offers a dedicated high-performance, commercial-grade connection with the flexibility to meet your specific business needs regardless of size, industry segment or budget.

Choose the right access service and speed for your business. Whether you are a small business, corporation, government organisation, or an educational institution, Internet Direct has a solution to suit your business.


Dedicated internet access
Internet Direct provides a range of dedicated internet connections, for fast and reliable commercial-grade service without congestion. The broad range of internet access options includes, ADSL, Business DSL, DDS Fastway, Megalink, Frame Relay, IP WAN, Connect IP, ATM, E-Line and Ethernet. Speeds range from 64kbps with Frame Relay right through to 1Gbps with Ethernet and E-Line.

Access options for businesses of all sizes
Enjoy the benefits of an advanced business network. Internet Direct offers a range of Internet Direct access solutions to help your business operate efficiently. The simple monthly fee includes ongoing service, whilst hardware and other value add services can be used in some instances.

Cost-efficient internet access
Plan for and manage your internet access costs with Internet Direct’s fixed pricing plan. The solution only counts and bills downloaded traffic, not uploaded traffic.

This flexible service can be used with almost any applications. Access the internet using a dedicated Internet Direct connection and host your own content-using infrastructure such as internet email gateways, web servers and virtual private networks (VPN).

Experience the Telstra difference
Telstra is one of Australia's leading providers of dedicated internet connectivity solutions. Telstra’s internet and networking experts can help your business drive business growth, by facilitating staff collaboration and improving customer responsiveness with the right Internet Direct solution.