Benefits of Telstra Cloud

telstra cloud

The best choice for
cloud computing

Benefits of Telstra cloud includes flexibility, availability, security, 24/7 monitoring, connectivity, and geographic reach and depth. Combined, these factors provide an unsurpassed experience that only Telstra
can deliver.

Your preferred partner for cloud computing

benefits of telstra cloud

Telstra offers a flexible, secure and reliable way to manage ICT in the cloud.

Telstra cloud benefits also include access to the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP network in Australia, and a highly secure IP VPN service. This service delivers global coverage with in-country support.

virtual server hosting

Telstra's virtual servers

Successfully run ICT in the cloud with secure virtual servers supported by enterprise-grade infrastructure and technology.

Our virtual servers – running over Microsoft® or Linux® operating systems – contain flexible resources, such us CPU, RAM, storage and internet access, that you can easily adjust at any time.

Get your cloud business-ready with a Telstra private network, price-competitive applications and security add-ons.

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telstra cloud services

Our service delivery program

Our cloud services delivery program has been designed to align with our customers' needs today and into the future.

We're investing in tight integration between our cloud, networks and management tools to deliver consistent and reliable cloud services around the world.

Cost efficient

Reduce the need for up-front capital investment in on-site infrastructure and technology..

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Telstra delivers consistent, local and secure virtual servers and resources backed by the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP network in Australia and a highly secure Global IP VPN service.

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Telstra offers businesses a smarter, flexible way to scale ICT resources to match business goals and budgets.

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Telstra's robust infrastructure, security processes and virtual server security add-ons protect business data 24/7.

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The management console is the gateway to managing your virtual servers and resources in the cloud.

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Telstra's cloud services can help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity costs, while improving operational efficiency.

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