Cost efficient

Reduce up-front ICT capital
with Telstra's
virtual servers.

Pay for the ICT you need

With our flexible and competitive virtual server subscription and pay-as-you-go plans, you just pay for what you need, by the month. Add and be billed for the resources you need.

Reduce your capital investment

Our virtual server plans not only offer cost predictability, but can help your business reduce capital investment in ICT.

Get access to Telstra's reliable networks and infrastructure and reduce the risk of investing in outdated technology.

Less time maintaining - more time innovating

Help your organisation embrace growth, respond quickly to evolving market trends and focus on growing your core business.

Reducing capital spent on infrastructure will free up funds to invest in innovation or other priority areas and make ICT costs more transparent to your business.

Your IT staff will also be able to focus more on strategic decisions rather than maintaining or troubleshooting in-house ICT.