Choose a smarter way to run your ICT. Scale virtual servers
to match business goals.

Build a flexible virtual server solution

Respond to immediate and changing business demands with a flexible virtual server solution.

To get you started, we offer impartial advice to help you select the best solution for your business. What and how many servers and add-ons you choose is up to you.

Set up one or a number of virtual servers, select an operating system and maybe internet access and some extra storage. To build a complete solution, choose from virtual server add-ons such as secure private networks, applications and security.

Choose the flexible pay-as-you-go virtual server plan and just pay for what you use, by the hour. Or choose one of our five subscription plans and pay per month.

Scale up, scale down

Use the management console to dynamically adjust your virtual servers.

Scale up, reconfigure and add more servers to get a new office or project up and running, without the need for costly upgrades or new hardware. Scale down when the project is over. Meet any changing staff requirements and workload spikes.