Cloud Services Australia

Schepisi offers Telstra’s full suite of services including the all-important cloud backup, ensuring your data is always protected. Telstra cloud is a SaaS system, that is, Software as a Service. This means apps are hosted by Telstra and globally accessible to you!

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS, is when cloud-based applications run “in the cloud”, on servers that are not owned by the user. This means your SaaS apps are available to you on demand, from any computer or device, at any time. Telstra’s SaaS apps from Schepisi are subscription based, and initial set up costs are normally lower compared to other software.

Cloud Server Backup

Why back up? A cloud server backup purely enhances the service the cloud is already providing to you. Protection of and accessibility to all your business’ data is imperative – we know this. But cloud server backup goes that one step further to protect your data while offering a rapid and reliable recovery process.

To find out how Schepisi can move your operations to the cloud, contact us today!