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Schepisi Communications helps its customers by managing the entire process of moving their business data to one of the more flexible cloud computing services; the Telstra Cloud.

Schepisi’s clients walk away with the peace of mind their business is in safe, capable hands.

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Business Benefits of Telstra Cloud Services

  • Cost Efficient

    Reduce the need for up-front capital investment in on-site technology.

  • Reliable

    Backed by the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP network in Australia.

  • Flexible

    A smarter, more flexible way to scale ICT resources to match goals and budgets.

  • Secure

    Telstra's robust infrastructure and virtual server security protect data 24/7.

  • Control

    The management concole is the gateway to managing your cloud solution.

  • Sustainable

    Lower your carbon footprint and electricity costs, while improving efficiency.