What is the Cloud?

Put simply, the cloud is internet-based computing. That means you can access all business-related data from multiple devices, anywhere in the world, simply with an internet connection.

Cloud computing enables global, instantaneous access to a network of shared documents, files, resources and contacts.

Cloud hosting is the storing and maintenance of business data in virtual (non-physical) servers.

Cloud hosting is different to traditional hosting methods for three distinct reasons:

telstra cloud

  • It is sold "on demand", that is, you only pay for what you use!
  • It is completely scalable and flexible – expand, reduce, or upgrade servers instantly and easily
  • It is fully managed by the provider, not the client

Schepisi's Telstra cloud experts can help you determine if your business is cloud ready. We provide realistic solutions and advice to help you create a personalised cloud business solution.

If you're considering the cloud for your organisation, contact Schepisi today – we'd love to chat.

Telstra Cloud

A cost efficient Telstra cloud service provides users with secure access to all their business records via its virtual servers. Telstra cloud works on the most reliable IP network in Australia, so you can have confidence in your business operations, no matter the size of your organisation.