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Call management services help you stay in control of costs

Mobile phones are a brilliant business tool. But many business owners have concerns about how to manage costs. With staff members out and about, it may seem a difficult task to monitor their mobile phone use without curbing their work style or initiative.

That’s why Call Manager exists. This application is a complete call management services package that enables you to set limits and options on your Telstra Business mobile phones. It’s a brilliant solution to a cost management problem.

Manage your mobile phone fleet from your computer

Call Manager operates via a simple to use web interface. Once installed, you set the range of call options for each mobile phone in your business. This includes usage limits. And you can adjust the options of any phone, any time, all by the click of a few buttons at your PC. Whoever has Administrator access to Call Manager can set and change the call management services options.

Your staff members then receive alerts via text message or email

To ensure smooth call management services from both ends, Call Manager is set up to communicate with mobile phone users. They receive a text message or email to alert them when they are approaching call limits.

It is a very effective way for you to stay in control of mobile phone costs. Call Manager is also a good tool for monitoring mobile phone usage so you can adjust your plans and limits according to what your field staff need.

Talk to us today about initiating this simple and effective range of call management services for your mobile phone fleet.

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