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Australian Council of Trade Unions

When moving offices, the ACTU had the opportunity to upgrade and install a whole new system at their new premises. The ACTU required a system for a 22-seat call centre that would allow them to provide excellent customer service and quickly and easily direct calls to the appropriate agent.

The solution chosen was an Ericsson BP250 with a 22 seat call centre. The ACTU are now able to monitor their incoming traffic in real time, and callers are advised on how long they are likely to be waiting in the queue and have the option to step out and leave a message for call back if the waiting time is too long. Individual queue messages also provide callers with up to date information and news that is relevant to them based on the nature of their call.

The unified messaging solution enables staff to access messages from voicemail, email or fax from their desktops which saves time and allows quick access to important messages and information, gives more options when responding, and provides logical storage of information.

The ACTU now has a system that allows better customer service and saves the time and energy of employees leading to higher productivity. The creation of a more efficient, faster and cost effective platform can be leveraged now and into the future as they move into IP telephony.

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