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Menzies run regular fine art and collectables auctions with bidders unable to attend in person having the option to call into a live auction and place bids. Previously, this was done by plugging touch phones into PSTN lines generally only used during auctions.

The PSTN lines were separate to the office PABX lines located in the same building. The auction lines were used only two or three times a month and were awkwardly located, limiting the usage of space in the auction room. This set up was a problem for staff, limiting productivity and creating extra work through the impracticality of the set-up.

The solution chosen was to install two Ericsson BP250 and one Ericsson BP50 with DECT cordless. Cordless technology allows Menzies’ staff more flexibility and functionality from their communications technology. The DECT cordless system is also cost effective, as it can be used both in day-to-day office communications and auction bidding. Installing an ISDN system has meant that traditional rotary groups have been done away with, and the new Ericsson BP platform provides the capability for Menzies to easily move to IP telephony in the near future.

Menzies have improved the efficiency of their auctions with the installation of this new system.

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