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Here’s the scenario. Your company is about to invest in a new telephone system. Perhaps the old one is overloaded or you are moving to new premises, or maybe you’ve glimpsed the future and are keen to take advantage of the benefits new business communication technologies offer.

Whatever the reason, congratulations, you’re on your way to deploying a better communication system.
But tread carefully, the technology trap lurks.

Too many businesses rush in to decisions about their voice systems without first weighing-up the suitability of the packages and technologies on offer. Schepisi Communications are experts in determining what provider, or mix of providers, best suits the specific needs of your business. One of our most reliable and recommended partners is LG Nortel.

LG Nortel offer flexible voice systems that can cover all your business needs. Nortel understand the point of business is to grow, so their systems are designed to expand with your company, from 4 extensions to 500+.

Australia’s largest carrier, Telstra, employs LG Nortel business communication systems. And as one of Australia’s leading brands, LG Nortel is committed to staying ahead through stringent product testing and approval processes, product support, marketing programs, dealer training and support infrastructure and brand-protection policies.

Schepisi Communications can advise you on the best LG Nortel solution (or mix of solutions) for your business.

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