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Decisions, decisions: distinguishing between Lifesize Cloud and On-Premise Video Conferencing

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UPDATE: We have delved deeper into this debate, and divided these solutions into a two-part blog series. Find them here:

• On-premise vs. cloud PART I: why choose on-premise video conferencing?

• On-premise vs. cloud PART II: why choose video conferencing in the cloud?

Lifesize Video Conferencing does away with complicated solutions, tricky plans and vague options that make the task of finding a video conferencing provider a daunting, difficult and lengthy process.

We’ve taken it right down to basics: powerful, flawless video conferencing solutions delivered in two ways: in the cloud, and on-premise.

So few options?, some may muse, but our two solutions are truly built for all types of businesses. It’s just a matter of deciding which one is most suitable for your business needs. Consider your company size, your VC needs, and your budget.

This blog post takes a look at our two solutions, and will help you understand if one is more suitable than the other. We look at what you want, in terms of features; what you have, in terms of budget; and finally, what we can give you! Here we go:

Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing:

What you want:

Simple. You want a fast, easy, and on-the-go system that works flawlessly with just an internet connection. Work from home, on the run, or in the office and experience outstanding video conferencing quality.

What you have:

The fly in the ointment here, though, is that you don’t have the budget nor the capabilities to manage a video conferencing system on-site. Perhaps you’re a smaller company without a dedicated IT team that simply doesn’t have the time (or the need) to manage hardware on site.

Here’s your solution…

What we can give you:

An affordable cloud video conferencing system (that means no IT team is necessary!)

A system that’s fast to deploy (that is, begin chatting in seconds!)

A system that’s entirely managed by us – so if you’re a business without the time or know-how, worry not: Lifesize Cloud will be managed in Schepisi’s safe hands

Scalability: business is growing? Great! Scale your system up, just as you need to

Automatic updates, so you’re always running the most recent and most secure version of our software

Lifesize Cloud fuses exceptional audio and video quality with a cloud-based system that requires no set-up equipment, is great for on-the-go workers, and takes management stresses down to zilch, with Schepisi taking care of your software (including the latest updates!) off-site, in the cloud. Unrealistic to factor in an IT team? No problem – we’ve got it covered.

Words can only describe how easy it is to click a name and instantly begin chatting – no lagging video, no never-ending dial tones, no clunky setup.

Still not convinced? See it to believe it – sign up for a free two week trial and put it to the test!

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On-premise Video Conferencing Hardware:

What you want:

It’s a long list of demands! But here goes…

You need a fully customisable communications system that gives your company complete control. The video conferencing hardware must remain on-site, and the solution must offer complete flexibility. As a fully managed system, your IT department offers full support and management. Integration with existing software is commonplace and possible.

What you have:

A healthy budget

– A dedicated IT team

– A security concern

What we can give you:

The ability to configure by location, team, or individual user

– A secure solution that is run on and entirely managed by your company’s network

– Integration with existing software

– Control: where your IT team can monitor data, and have on-site ownership

We can also provide you with Lifesize video accessories to enhance meetings and simplify solutions.

Complete security and complete control are more often than not required of large businesses with healthy budgets that invest in IT and infrastructure. Some companies even need to comply with laws dictating that all technology and infrastructure remains (and is managed) on-site. This would mean our cloud solution would not be suitable, but our on-premise hardware keeps your data close to its source.

Request a call or organise a demo now to find out whether Lifesize’s on-premise video conferencing system is the robust solution for your business needs, and see it in action!

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