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What is LifeSize Video Conferencing?

LifeSize Video Conferencing is a suite of hardware and software equipment that offers you the opportunity to collaborate in real-time from multiple locations – just as though you were all in the same room.

LifeSize is a flexible, cost effective solution that uses the power of video to allow your business to conduct meetings, conferences, training, and trouble-shooting without the time and expense of travel.

LifeSize helps your business stay connected and enhances your professional reputation with high-quality, hassle-free video conferencing. Their commitment to industry-standard communications, absolute quality, and relentless innovation makes them the obvious choice for Schepisi Communications to partner with.

Because LifeSize Video Conferencing believes that in addition to exceptional video and audio quality the system should be easy to operate, every function from recording and saving conferences, to playing them back has been designed with business users in mind.

LifeSize Video Conferencing in Operation

Because the quality of LifeSize Video solutions is so high, and its implementation is so flexible and easy it has been implemented in many different situations.

  • It is the choice of the US military for training and collaboration;
  • State-of-the-Art Hospitals like CHU Bordeaux use it for medical training and case analysis;
  • Charities like Barnardo’s Children’s Homes use it to reduce travel so they can focus on their central mission;
  • Barrons County Schools and other educational institutions use it to widen access to expert teachers and learning opportunities;
  • Environmentally conscious businesses use it to save carbon emissions without sacrificing communications;
  • Financial Institutions, Small Businesses, Large Corporations. The applications of LifeSize Video Conferencing for collaboration are only limited by your imagination!
Consider How LifeSize Video Conferencing could spur your business growth, while saving you money. Call Schepisi Communications today on 1300 66 44 22 to learn more.
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