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Lifesize Video Conferencing Solves the Problem of Distance

Whether your workers are across the road or across the country, video conferencing can save time and money and increase your productivity. No more rushing back to the office for a meeting. Our secure, standards-based technology enables you to have the advantages of face-to-face communication with less travel. Excellent internal and external communication is the key to rapid business growth and Lifesize Video Conferencing will help you achieve it.

Why Choose Lifesize Video Conferencing Solutions?

Schepisi’s commitment to cutting edge business solutions that make your business more effective is globally recognised. With over 23 years of experience in business telecommunications we recommend solutions based on our understanding of technology and business.

We have chosen to partner with Lifesize Video Conferencing Solutions because we know that they offer our customers the highest quality video and audio experience, the easiest and most reliable operation, the greatest security and compatibility, and the most efficient bandwidth usage.

In addition, their flexible packages make them surprisingly affordable since you never have to pay for more than you need.

We believe that Lifesize offers the best video conferencing suite money can buy – so why would we offer anything else? Sometimes you don’t need more choices!

Explore Schepisi’s Lifesize video conferencing packages, or Call today to organise a demonstration on 1300 66 44 22
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