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Schepisi Tangoe Communications Lifecycle Management

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Tangoe’s inventory management services provides a centralized database to house each and every fixed and mobile service item and links each to the corresponding contracted rate. Tying expenses back to the appropriate cost center or user enables organizations to actually pay for what is being used. Tangoe’s inventory management services provide:

  • Audit, usage, spend, and activity data to the individual item level
  • Ability to make changes to products, rates, and activities
  • Client alerts to under- and non-utilized inventory, products, and services
  • Inventory validation against invoices and contracts
Audit & Assurance

Audit management services are essential to the identification and recovery of billing errors. A team approach, highly refined procedures, and unique precedents enable Tangoe to secure optimal results, offering the automation and continuous auditing of:

  • Contractual communications commitments (rates and terms)
  • Spend and trend variances
  • Fixed and mobile carrier billing
  • Device and services utilization
  • Service inventory accuracy
  • Communication service configurations
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