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Telstra Utility and Dedicated Hosting

We partner with Telstra to provide migration and ongoing management within both Telstra private and public cloud solutions. Telstra has made a significant investment in its private cloud utility and dedicated environments which gives local businesses access to powerful state-of-the-art data centres, shared or private servers and highly secured storage based in Australia.

Telstra Utility Hosting is Telstra’s private cloud offering which is ideal for a variety of businesses and functions. Utility hosting provides a smarter way to pay for, manage and use technology. Instead of purchasing, managing and maintaining your own systems, you gain secure access to shared, virtualised servers and unlimited local storage. You can connect to Utility Hosting via Telstra Internet Direct or one of Telstra’s private IP network services Telstra next IP or Telstra Next G.

Telstra dedicated hosting is typically for customers with more complex infrastructure requirements or where the Telstra utility hosting environment doesn’t suit. The dedicated hosting platform provides an enterprise grade compute platform to host complex applications, back up your data and provides greater disaster recovery and storage functionality. Another benefit of the dedicated environment is the ability to move eligible Microsoft Licenses through the Volume Licensing program into the Telstra environment, thus saving on software costs.

Our public offering Microsoft Office 365 is exclusive to Telstra through Microsoft, Office 365 gives customers access to Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync and a desktop version of Microsoft Office on a per user per month basis. This solution suits a variety of businesses of all sizes and is great value for money.

Speak with us today to determine which cloud environment is right for your technology strategy within your business plan.

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