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Telstra IP Telephony

Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) can help to increase the speed and efficiency of communications to improve productivity and customer engagement. Hosted on the Telstra network, Telstra IP Telephony is a flexible subscription-based service ideal for large offices, branch offices and remote sites, or contact centres. Designed to operate with existing telephone systems, it can help to overcome the problems of managing different communication systems across dispersed sites.

Underpinned by the reach and reliability of Telstra’s network, Telstra IP Telephony can help to make communication faster, more convenient and effective with features like:

  • Business-to-business video and high definition voice calling
  • Simultaneous ring across multiple devices
  • Conferencing presence capabilities
  • Support for remote working

Telstra IP Telephony offers cost benefits too. You can help to reduce the cost of standard calls as well as maintaining a separate voice network. Depending on the solution you select you may also avoid initial capital expense and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs with Telstra’s management.

Telstra IP Telephony’s capabilities are being continually improved. For example, recent integration with Microsoft ® Office Communication Server (OCS) now offers enhanced collaboration through Presence and Click-to-Call functions from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Communicator.

Similarly, Telstra now offers the VVX 1500, a simple to use video phone that provides business-grade video calling and voice. With a large screen and one-touch functions, the Telstra VVX 1500 is a complete productivity tool for executives and professionals.

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