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Which Phone is for you?
Choose from Schepisi’s range of the most popular mobile phone brands in the world.

Millions of fans can't be wrong. Crisp and colourful graphics meet intuitive technology in these hard working multi-task masters.


Designed for balancing a busy schedule, and popular in corporate circles, choose from QWERTY keyboards or full touchscreens.


Innovative and easy to use, plus the first to ever offer the colour palm-size PC; HTC mobile phones empower users on the go.


Where exciting, cutting-edge technology meets beauty. Offering Android and Windows, there's an LG to suit every taste.


Mobile phone simplicity at its best. All the bells and whistles fit logically within Nokia's elegant designs.


Billed the smartest of smartphones, choose from a range of operating systems and QWERTY, flip, touch and traditional models.


Catering for every lifestyle. From the smallest Android phones, to the first PlayStation™ certified handset, at Sony Ericsson, it's about being distinctive.


Tailor made especially to meet the needs of Telstra customers; all handsets include a 24-month manufacturer warranty.

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