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The management console is the gateway to managing your virtual server solution.

Control your own virtual server solution

The console provides visibility of usage and data. You can change virtual server configurations based on your business needs as well as adjust CPU and memory, track and log backup and snapshot requests.

Management console features

There’s no need to call up your IT manager or Telstra to modify your virtual servers.

Using the management console you can:

  • Create and delete servers
  • Start up, shut down, suspend and restart virtual servers
  • Configure virtual server CPU and RAM
  • Create a private cloud network
  • View virtual server details
  • Manage virtual disks
  • Add and configure firewalls and load balancers
  • Request additional network and security features
  • Set up scheduled backups
  • Create and restore snapshots.
How to login

Access information about how to login and use the console.

Telstra offers a flexible, secure and reliable way to manage ICT in Australia.

Run your ICT on virtual servers in the cloud. Complete your cloud solution with applications, private networks and security add-ons.

Buy applications from major software providers through us at market-competitive prices.

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