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Secure virtual servers backed by the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP network in Australia.
Maximum availability and reliability, 24/7

Choose Telstra as your cloud services partner and get access to our secure, reliable and far-reaching network.

We are committed to providing reliable, local and secure virtual servers and resources that are available 99.9% of the service year – with 24/7 service support and coverage.

Our virtual server offering integrates with the Telstra Next IP® network, the Next G® network and the Global IP VPN network to create a simplified and seamless service experience, connecting businesses and people.

Telstra’s network guarantee

Our Global Operations Centre and a dedicated Managed Network Operations Centre monitor our networks 24/7.

Our cloud services can be delivered to your mobile staff, business branches, customers and suppliers right across Australia, and from our data centres in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Local and secure

Get immediate access to virtual servers hosted in our powerful data centres located in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Your information will be safe. Our accredited data centres are monitored and manage by experienced security personnel, 24/7.

With Telstra, you can access highly-skilled professionals who understand your challenges.

High standards

Your data will remain fully auditable, making it easier to comply with governance and privacy legislation.

Our customer service levels

Telstra’s virtual servers are backed by the following service level agreements for both infrastructure and services to ensure maximum availability and performance.

Service level agreements
Service support coverage hours 24/7
Service availability 99.9% of the service year
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