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Business Cloud Solutions
Business solutions in the cloud

Achieve ICT cost efficiency and asset consolidation by moving key business applications and tools from on-premise server environments to the cloud.

Move key business applications to the cloud

A Telstra business cloud solution from Schepisi combines today’s mature virtualisation technology with Telstra’s robust infrastructure and security processes. Telstra’s virtual servers are ideal for running a number of core business applications traditionally kept in on-site server environments.

Telstra’s servers offer a reliable and secure way to run existing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, websites, e-commerce applications, email servers, intranets and other enterprise applications.

Develop and test a new project using Telstra’s virtual servers. And protect your data and ensure security with a cloud backup business solution from Schepisi.

Are you cloud-ready?

Choose from a range of virtual server plans and add-ons including security, network and backup to meet your business requirements.

Schepisi Communications can assist you with a quick and smooth transition to the Telstra cloud by consulting and offering professional advice and solutions. Contact us today if you’d like to learn how your business could move to the cloud!

Access your CRM system in the cloud

Migrate your existing CRM system to Telstra’s virtual servers and benefit from reliable cloud infrastructure capable of supporting major database applications.

Move your ERP system to the cloud

Utilise mature virtualisation technology and Telstra’s reliable and secure networks to successfully run your ERP system in the cloud and access on the go.

Get more out of your business applications

Run your existing business applications in the cloud rather than your existing data centre to reduce costs and quickly scale when business needs change.

Develop and test using our virtual servers

Got a new project that you need to get up and running quickly? Use our virtual servers as your development and test servers.

Get business continuity with secure off-site backups

Use our virtual servers as your second site – then securely transfer your data to the cloud.

Host your intranet in the cloud

Move your intranet into the cloud and securely connect using your Telstra Next IP® network or Global IP VPN network connection to give your staff and offices reliable access to your business data.

Move your email server into the cloud

Shift your email server to the cloud and use our SMTP mail relay service to securely send your outbound email.

Host your website on a virtual server

As your website grows, add servers, use firewalls to create a multi-tiered network and utilise load balancing to distribute traffic.

ICT consolidation in the cloud

Has your on-site ICT environment expanded in-line with technological advancements in recent years? Are you supporting unused ICT infrastructure and assets as a result?

Building business solutions in the cloud presents an opportunity to consolidate your ICT infrastructure and assets, resulting in efficiencies in ICT resources and costs.

Contact us for more information about our business solutions.

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