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We don’t just sell products.
We integrate them throughout your business.
They should make your businesss better.
Your staff smarter. Your systems more efficient.

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Grow your business with world-class applications purchased through us – avoid up-front costs and minimise IT overheads.

Get software for your virtual servers. Our range includes Microsoft®Office, Remote Desktop Services and SQL Server®.

Order through the Cloud Services management console. We’ll then install the software for you. From there, you can configure it to match your business needs.

Business applications

Our business applications are provided as an on-demand service Scale them up or down to suit your business.

Our popular applications include Microsoft® Office 365, Symantec.cloud™ and McAfee® SaaS Endpoint Protection.

Enterprise applications

Fully-managed Microsoft® and SAP® solutions in Telstra’s cloud allow businesses to improve processes while keeping data safe and onshore.

Find familiar applications delivered securely without the need for ongoing IT maintenance and licensing hassles.

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