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Virtual servers on dedicated compute

Need virtual servers to support a large project? Want more secure storage and greater process power, but with lower capital investments and reduced operating costs?

Choose virtual servers on dedicated compute in our data centres in Australia or international locations – you can manage them yourself or we can manage them for you. Then select from a range of storage, backup, restore and security options to suit your business needs.

We manage the physical server environment to defined service level agreements.

Scale up, scale down

he solution is flexible. Hardware can be added or removed on request and blades can be virtualised into multiple virtual servers.

This means you can deploy powerful computing resources without the expense and complications of internal provisioning, and services can be switched off and on as needed.

Virtual servers on dedicated compute

Control your virtual servers on dedicated compute using VMware® vCenter Server.

Through vCenter, you can virtualise your compute resources and control the allocation of processing power, memory and storage to optimise the availability of your applications to suit your requirements.

Managed virtual servers on dedicated compute

Free up your IT staff with managed virtual servers on dedicated compute. Let us create and control your virtual servers for you – simply submit requests through the Cloud Services management console.

We provide performance reporting for your virtual servers, plus we maintain the operating systems.

Secure access to your virtual servers

You can securely access your servers via the internet or Telstra’s Next IP® network – Australia’s largest integrated national IP network – for increased reach, reliability and secure access to your information around the clock.

We are one of the few service providers whose infrastructure services in Australia are certified to the robust ISO27001 Security Management Standard for both our data centres and our Telstra Next IP® network. Our risk management is aligned to the AS/NZS 31000:2009 Risk Management Standard.

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