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Virtual Server Hosting
Run your ICT on Telstra Virtual Servers in the Cloud

Successfully run ICT in the cloud with local and secure virtual server hosting from Telstra.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure, multiple operating systems, a range of business-ready applications, private networks and security add-ons are the benefits of choosing cloud servers in Australia.

Telstra’s virtual servers are sold as a service, so you only pay for what you need!

Operating systems and Applications

Telstra’s virtual servers can be created with pre-defined operating systems; customers get access to a wide variety of Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

You can also improve your business productivity by adding Microsoft applications to your virtual servers.

Management console

The management console is the gateway to managing your cloud solution.

You have control. The console provides you with visibility and control of your cloud solution.

Manage virtual server configurations, request backups, snapshots, load balancing services and add other network and security products at any time.

Also have the option to securely access and administer your virtual servers using Telstra’s SSL virtual private network connectivity.

Move your ICT to the cloud

Choose a smarter way to manage your ICT with a flexible virtual server solution.

Sign up online for one of our monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go virtual server plans. There’s a plan to suit all businesses – from small operators to large enterprises.

Our secure virtual servers – with pre-defined Microsoft® or Linux® operating systems – contain flexible cloud resources, such us CPU, RAM, storage and internet usage. Move them around to suit workload spikes.

You can manage your virtual servers and request snapshots, backups or load balancing services and extra features at any time – all through the management console.

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