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Wireless data services are an essential part of today’s business

If your business and staff do not have access to reliable wireless data services it doesn’t just slow down communication. It affects productivity, customer service, cost management and overall efficiency. A mobile workforce necessitates a mobile communication strategy. And the best way to achieve that is via wireless data services.

Telstra Mobile Broadband is the world’s fastest wireless broadband network

Speed is of the essence and Telstra Mobile Broadband provides the fastest service available. This means your wireless data services can connect your staff, customers, management and suppliers at optimum speed and without frustrating coverage drop outs. Telstra Mobile Broadband operates on the Next G™ Network in selected CBD, metro and regional areas with a compatible device^.

^ Actual speeds are less than 21Mbps and speeds vary due to factors such as distance from the cell, local conditions, user numbers, hardware, software, download source and other factors.

Integrate powerful new applications into your business

The right wireless data services mean increased capacity for your business. You can incorporate:

  • high-speed web browsing
  • web conferencing
  • live high definition streaming video
  • virtual private network access
Ask Schepisi about Telstra’s new Turbo 21 Modem

Be part of the most technologically advanced mobile broadband service in Australia. If download speed and capacity is crucial to your business, then Schepisi and Telstra can provide you with exciting new technology that has typical download speeds of 550kbps to 8Mbps in selected CBD, metro and regional areas*

*Actual speeds are less than 21Mbps and will vary due to factors such as distance from the cell, local conditions, number of users, download source, hardware and software configuration. Like any other mobile broadband technology, Next GTM coverage can be affected by where you are and the device you are using.

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